Create & Organize MORE Custom Tabs on your Facebook Page

I’ve shown you How to Create Custom Tabs on your Facebook Page in my previous video and blog post.  Now that you’ve learned how to install a custom tab with Static HTML IFrame app on Facebook, I’m going to show you how to add additional custom tabs (up to TWELVE)! I’m also going to show you how to organize your custom tabs so that you can display the most important four on your Facebook Page.

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions.
Create & organize MORE Custom Tabs on your Facebook Page.

I’ve already created one Custom Facebook Tab using the Static HTML IFrame on Facebook and I’ve got it installed here on my Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade Page. I want to add ANOTHER tab.

In order to add up to twelve custom tabs I’m going to start by clicking on the custom tab that I’ve already installed.

To add more Custom Tabs to Your Facebook Page….

    • Click on Admin Tools
    • Click on ‘Add Tabs’ (You will see you have a choice from the 2nd all the way to the twelfth).
    • Click ‘Add 2nd Tab’

When I go check my Page tabs – I see there’s a second Custom Facebook Tab installed (the Welcome tab with the star on it)

To customize the Facebook Custom Tabs image…

    • Float over the custom tab & click on the pencil
    • Click on ‘Edit setttings’
    • Change the Custom Tab Name. (I’m going to change the name from welcome to volunteer, then Save.
    • Click ‘change’ the custom tab image.
    • Select an image from your computer that you’ve prepared in advance. The image must be 111 x 74 pixels to work.
    • You can customize the image for all Facebook Tabs!  This includes Twitter, YouTube – all of them!

Once the image is uploaded, go back to your page and you’ll see the awesome custom tab image that you have just uploaded.  Now I want to embed the webpage for ‘Volunteers’ from The Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade website.

How to embed a website page in your Facebook Page…

    • Scroll down and click on ‘website’.
    • Paste the url of the web page you want to embed.
    • You may see that the website width is too large to view without scrolling. The solution to this is to click on ‘Remove Scrollbars’.
    • Adjust the width and height using the sliders.
    • Click ‘Save and Publish’

Now when I go back and look I have my volunteer page from The Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade website embedded right into my Facebook page so that we can recruit volunteers right from Facebook! Isn’t that AWESOME?

Repeat these same steps to install up to twelve custom Facebook Tabs on your Facebook Page.

Now let’s organize those Facebook Custom Tabs!

You have valuable real estate in the top row of custom tabs on your Facebook Page. These are the tabs that visitors will see when they visit your page. Choose the most important custom tabs to your business. For The Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade, volunteers are extremely important to their success so I have moved the ‘Volunteer’ custom tab to the top row on their Facebook page.

To organize the locations of your Custom Facebook Tabs….

    • Click on the custom tab that you want to SWAP positions with.
    • Voila!
    • You can move around all the custom tabs on your Facebook page until you have them all lucratively placed where you want them.

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See how I’ve used the custom tabs on my Facebook Page!  For more examples, check out MK Global Trade, Take Time Home Cleaners and Stage Left Communications.  Notice that I’ve even customized my Tweets to Pages Facebook Tab!  (I like the cute little Twitter Bird)!


Here’s a template of a 111 x 74 pixels Custom Tab for you to download and edit…

Create and organize more custom tabs on your Facebook Page







Create & Organize MORE Custom Tabs
on your Facebook Page





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